Bus transfer from Ljubljana to Villach


Objavte autobusovú prepravu z Ljubljany do Villachu

Enjoy the most comfortable intercity bus travel with our services from Ljubljana to Villach. The trip takes a bit over 2 hours, and we wanted to make it as comfortable as it can be, which is why we’ve removed a row of seats from our buses to give you more space and offer free Wi-Fi and charging outlets to all our passengers. The line offers 2 daily departures in each direction, with prices starting from 5 EUR.

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Services & stops

The route departs at 7:35 and 22:15 and takes approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. The bus stops to pick up passengers at Ljubljana and Bled. These stops don’t have planned breaks, but if the bus runs ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to stretch your legs at these stations.

Departing from Ljubljana

We wouldn’t recommend you getting to the Ljubljana bus station too early, especially on a rainy day – there is a lack of covers against rain. If you do come earlier, though, you can always get a cup of coffee or go to the nearby McDonald’s and wait for your bus. You can get to the station by bus or taxi. Find more information about the Ljubljana Bus Station.

Arriving in Villach

Local time: 9:55

Local weather


The Villach bus station is a 7-minute walk from the city centre. There is practically nothing on the station, but you can find a café and a fast food place near the nearby coach station.

You can continue your travels on foot, as Villach is a small town.

More information about the Villach Bus Station


Location Time
Ljubljana LJUB arr. 07:35
dep. 07:45
Bled BLE arr. 08:40
dep. 08:45
Villach VIL arr. 09:40
dep. 09:45

*The line operates every day until 9th October. From 10th October  to 2nd April it operates every Wednesday to Sunday except on 25th December 2019 and 1st of January 2020.

Location Time
Ljubljana LJUB arr. 22:35
dep. 22:45
Bled BLE arr. 23:40
dep. 23:45
Villach VIL arr. 00:40
dep. 00:45

*The line operates every day until 31st September 2019 and from 3.4. 2020 – October 2020. It doesn’t operate from 1st October 2019 to 12th December 2019 and from 13th January 2020 to 2nd April 2020. From 13th December 2019 to 12th January 2020 it operates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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