Bus transfer from Gyor to Vienna to Gyor


Objavte autobusovú prepravu z Győru do Viedne späť do Győru

We know how important it is to travel comfortably, so we’ve made sure that our buses are as comfortable as possible. We’ve removed a row of seats from our buses and offer free Wi-Fi and charging outlets to all our passengers.

The line offers 2 daily departures in each direction, with prices starting from 3,5 EUR.

Book your seats now using the search engine above and ensure that you have a guaranteed spot in any of our 3 seat classes.

Services & stops

The route departs from Gyor at 5:35 and 20:50, and from Vienna APT at 11:40 and 20:45 and takes less than an hour. The bus makes a stop in Bratislava before reaching its final destinations.

Departing from Gyor

We wouldn’t recommend you getting to the Gyor bus station too early, as there not really much you can do there. You can get to the station by bus, on foot, or by taxi. Find more information about the Gyor Bus Station.

Arriving at Vienna APT

Local weather


Vienna offers numerous sights worth exploring. The bus station is only a 17-minute drive from the centre of the city.

You can continue your travels on public transportation, by taxi, on foot, or you can rent a car.

More information about the Vienna APT.

Departing from Vienna

While waiting to depart to Gyor, there are many things you can do in the Vienna Airport. You can get to the station by bus, on foot, or by taxi. Find more information about the Vienna Airport.

Arriving in Gyor

Local weather


The Gyor Bus Station is just a 12-minute walk from the centre.

You can get to your accommodation place or explore Gyor by taxi, public transportation, or on foot.

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